Day Lily


Dean’s Roll

Welcome to the fluidity of my life.  Though it seems constantly in flux there are many aspects to my life that are well grounded in the core values I was blessed to be raised in.  Core Values such as: kindness to others, carry peace and joy wherever you go, friendship, creativity, tenacity, be the solution not the problem, etc.

I will attempt to share my thoughts, creativity, likes and dislikes here in ways that reveal who I am.  As always I am open to those who desire to share constructive insight so please feel free to comment.

My life is all about Kingdom Purpose > Vision > Strategy > Tactics that produce Measurable Abundant Life and Growth.  My purpose in life is to actively influence family, friends, colleges, and leadership for the Kingdom of our God in seven domains: business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family and religion, and if necessary take a leadership role to achieve that goal.  For far too long we have allowed the kindoms of this world to reign over those mountains and its time for us to Step Up.